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Pillow Crafters - Group Crafting Sessions

A People with ME and Long COVID Craft group! Come,try it out!!  

#MEAction is excited to partner with members of the Pillow Writers group to introduce a new creative gathering for people who like to create arts and crafts, the “Pillow Crafters” group!

Pillow Crafters – Healing Themes takes place once a month at the usual time on a Monday. We will be moving to Tuesdays in April. For dates see: https://pillowwriters.wordpress.com/

The focus of our meetings is the Wildflower project, we are working on themes which help us to process the emotions involved in having a chronic Illness. For example, we have explored Grief and Shame so far.

Even though we are focused on the ongoing project, everyone is welcome to come along to any of the meetings, listen in, take part in the discussions and you can bring your current craft and work as we chat. Each meeting can be experienced as a one off or as part of the ongoing project.

 We are very ME friendly so it doesn’t matter if you are just listening in with camera on or off. As with all pillows meetings you can come and go as your health and abilities on the day dictate. Whether you do the suggested assignments or prompts is entirely up to you. They are an invitation and not an obligation, so you can do as much or as little as you want / can do.  

The Wildflower project itself is due to end in June and there will be a few months before the start of the next one. Those few meetings in between will be a mixture of show and tell / sharing techniques and we will be looking for volunteers to host a few of these.

Please contact [email protected] for more information.

We look forward to seeing you there.
Monique and Una

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