#MEAction's 2023 Bold Action Campaign


Amount raised

$112,857 (£89,308)

time until the end of the year


Support #MEAction's 2023 Bold Action Campaign. Our goal: $100,000 (£81,699) by December 31st.

#MEAction prides itself on being an activism first organization. From the protests around the world, to the displays of courage from our beds, and to the support we provided for one another…we continue to take action for and with each other. 

Activism and BOLD ACTION go hand in hand.

From the moving imagery of the cots and pillowcases on the National Mall, to the virtual gathering and community events throughout the year, #MEAction recognizes that taking action can and does look different for every person, but it is the ACTION that makes the difference.

#MEAction is once again pledging to TAKE BOLD ACTION on behalf of this community. In order to make sure this BOLDNESS is felt wide and far, we need financial support from our community.

Over the next few months we hope to raise $100K and we know we can do that with your help.

Here a few BOLD ACTIONS we have taken over the past year:

  • A powerful #MillionsMissing art instillation in Washington, DC featuring over 300 pillowcases from people with ME/CFS and Long COVID
  • A partnership with the Mayo Clinic to improve the care, treatment, and clinical education for ME/CFS resulting in a newly published and highly praised paper in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings
  • The completion of the Symptom Survey Collection (results to be announced soon!)
  • Holding HHS Accountable for supporting People with Disabilities 
  • Hiring a dedicated Volunteer and Activism Coordinator to support the community (We <3 Shalida!) 
  • Continuing time and time again to get ME in the press such as the: The Atlantic, The WashingtonPost, and Stat News

Here are a few BOLD ACTIONS that #MEAction is leading the way in the coming months and year:

  • Canary Corps Program
  • #MillionsMissing with international participation 
  • New Continue Medical Education to rapidly educate clinicians across the country 
  • New Volunteer Training Program
  • WGA ME/CFS Writers Program to connect writers with ME/CFS to working professionals in the field



Here are a few ways to join in and contribute, no matter your financial resources or cognitive and physical capacity. Every action you take, now until December 31st, will help bring us one step closer to our goal.

Two sets of hands joined together to hold a glass jar of coins.

Create An Individual Fundraiser

Help us reach our End of Year goal by creating your own individual fundraiser! You can create a website to share your story and share with your network.


Reach out to your friends and family and share your story. Ask them to support our global movement for recognition, education and research for people with ME.

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