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#MEAction Is Offering A Very Modified Movement Class

turquoise marble background with a light blue box in the center with the words, A Very Modified Movement Class - February 8th - . the #MEAction logo and the nourish logos at the bottom.

February 8 @ 11:00 am 12:00 pm PST

#MEAction is thrilled, once again, to partner with Shannon Williams-Bramburger of Nourish Therapeutic Yoga to provide a 30 minute, virtual very modified movement class on Thursday, Feb 8th at 11am PT/2pm ET/7pm GMT that has been crafted specifically for people with ME. The whole class will be lying down and can be done from bed.

What to expect in this 30 minute class:
5-10 min. Breathing Exercises & Grounding
10-15 min. Gentle Movement with Breath
10 min. Guided Relaxation Meditation

-This class is free to attend-

There is an option to stay at the end of class for an additional 30 minute Community Chat. This gives the opportunity for you to ask questions and engage in a positive, supportive community with others who “get it.” If you are not able to attend the class in-person, the class will be recorded and shared at a later date.

Register for the class here: https://momence.com/Nourish-Therapeutic-Yoga/%23MEACTION%3A-FREE-Community-Yoga-Class-/98822140

And hey, we here at #MEAction fully understands that yoga has often been prescribed as the end-all-be-all-cure for many ailments. Who among us has not dealt with the “have you tried yoga?” question? So we recognize that seeing the word yoga in relation to ME can stir some strong feelings. This is why we took a lot into consideration before offering this type of class to our community. The fact that Shannon herself is a person with ME and has been receptive to all our concerns, made us feel comfortable offering this class. We promise there will be no downward dog, no warrior poses, and throughout the class you are very much encouraged to not do anything that might cause you PEM.

We also recognize even this might be out of reach for the most severely ill but we constantly strive to find ways to provide options to include all members of our community. You might want to check out the meditation specifically for those with severe ME created for #MEAction by Shannon here.

If you would like to learn more about Shannon, you can check out her here and her approach to movement, mediation, and yoga here

If You Are New:
Please start low, go slow, and stay inside your energy envelope in order to not trigger post-exertional malaise (PEM). If you are uncertain how much you can manage, you are encouraged to watch or listen from a comfy chair or bed. Begin with visualizing the movement and then if appropriate for your body, engage in movements using half your capacity. Also know you can log on and off at any time and will not disrupt the class.

I invite you to let go of any expectations of how yoga is ‘supposed to look,’ because real yoga is so much more than that. Achieving a pose is not the goal – it’s about connecting to your breath, listening to your body, calming your nervous system, and quieting your mind by coming into the present.

Exciting news: Due to the overwhelming response these movement classes have received, we will be offering these extremely modified yoga classes QUARTERLY! Providing resources and more opportunities to gather as a community, is something #MEAction cares deeply about this as this is a foundation of our organization.

Here is a quote from a member of our community, who has taken our previous extremely modified classes:

“What is most striking to me is Shannon’s understanding of who we are, how we have the same illness with different capacities, she is welcoming, accepting what we can do and what we can’t. Truly, this class is suitable for most of us, even bed-bound. Nourish Therapeutic Yoga describes the class as “expertly crafted” which is spot on. “ – Jane Gold

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