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#MEAction and Nourish Therapeutic Yoga Announce: 30 Minute Adapted Yoga Class

Image there is a person holding a wrapped up yoga mat. In the white box are the words: #MEAction @ Nourish Therapeutic Yoga Announce: 30 Min Yoga Class. Full class is lying down and can be done from bed. Friday July 21st at 11am PT/2pm ET/7pm BST. There is a blueish circle with the word FREE inside. The #MEAction logo and the Nourish Therapeutic Yoga logos are in the bottom right corner

July 21, 2023 @ 11:00 am 12:00 pm PDT

#MEAction is excited, once again, to partner with Shannon Williams-Bramburger of Nourish Therapeutic Yoga to provide a 30 minute, virtual yoga class on Friday, July 21st at 11am PT/2pm ET/7pm BST that has been crafted specifically for people with ME. The whole class will be lying down and can be done from bed.

What to expect in this 30 minute class:
5-10 min. Breathing Exercises & Grounding
10-15 min. Gentle Yoga with Breath
10 min. Guided Relaxation Meditation

TO PARTICIPATE, USE THIS LINK TO SIGN UP & THEN YOU WILL RECEIVE ZOOM LINK TO ATTEND CLASS: https://www.nourishtherapeuticyoga.com/products/free-community-yoga-class-for-meaction

There is an option to stay at the end of class for an additional free 30 minute Community Chat. This gives the opportunity for you to ask questions and engage in a positive, supportive community with others who “get it.”

#MEAction is thrilled to offer this type of community activity, as we had many people sign-up and enjoy this class last year. If you are not able to attend the class in-person the class will be recorded and shared at a later date.

We are especially excited to share a new addition this year! Shannon will be creating a meditation geared for those with severe ME. It will be released separately from the class to be used whenever works best for you. It will be brief and without added background music. We know even this might be out of reach for the most severely ill but we constantly strive to find ways to provide options to include all members of our community.

If you would like to learn more about Shannon, you can check out her here and her approach to yoga here. Shannon is a person with ME and shares, “My passion is adapting yoga to meet your body where it is at, in order to empower those with chronic health conditions to successfully participate without exacerbating their symptoms.” This was critically important to us at #MEAction when Shannon reached out to us. We know that even this extremely  adapted yoga will not be suitable for everyone in our community. Please approach it cautiously and as always follow the principles of #StopRestPace.

#MEAction appreciates Shannon connecting with us and offering this type of activity to our community for free.

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