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Community Q&A with PolyBio

October 26, 2020 @ 10:00 am 11:30 am PDT

1:00pm EDT (New York) | 5:00pm GMT (London)

The event is very full, so not everyone will be able to be on Bluejeans (info pasted below). We are planning to both a) record the event and b) livestream on Facebook. So if you do not get into the bluejeans call, do not worry. You can either engage on Facebook or watch the recorded call at a later time. 

Our community is growing. We’re so excited to share the news of a new ME/CFS research organization: PolyBio. Join us Monday, October 26th for a Community Q&A with the founders: neuroscientist Mike Van Elzakker, microbiologist Amy Proal, and GeneSavvy CEO Kris Forbes.  

Follow the link below to join via computer:

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Or, join by phone:

Dial +1.408.317.9253 if you’re in the US

+44.203.608.5256 for UK

+61.2.8103.4256 for Australia

Or click here for all international numbers

When prompted, enter the meeting ID above and press #.

To learn more about PolyBio before the Q&A, read the below announcement from our friends at PolyBio:

We’re excited to announce the official launch of PolyBio Research Foundation, our new non-profit organization determined to transform how chronic conditions like ME/CFS are studied, diagnosed and treated. PolyBio was founded by three scientists with complementary expertise who have joined forces to conceptualize hypothesis-driven research projects on ME/CFS, with a focus on identifying root cause drivers. The core PolyBio team is Harvard neuroscientist Mike VanElzakker, microbiologist Amy Proal, and human genome biohacker Kris Fobes. The PolyBio scientific advisory board members herald from both biotech and academic backgrounds, and have made impressive novel advancements in science and medicine.

Mike, Amy, and Kris’s collective deep engagement in a wide range of scientific disciplines allows them to identify advanced lab techniques and compelling research trends that have never been applied to conditions like ME/CFS. They seek out internationally recognized research teams that can fill these gaps, recruit them into the ME/CFS field, and work with them to devise novel collaborative projects.   

Current PolyBio projects include:

  • A collaboration with top pathologists and virologists to characterize pathogens, immune activity, mycotoxins, and collagen abnormalities in skin biopsies and brain, muscle, and ligament tissue samples from patients with an ME/CFS or EDS diagnosis.
  • A collaboration with the world’s top ultra-high resolution imaging experts to perform cutting-edge 7-Tesla MRI field strength scans to investigate brain, spinal cord, neuroinflammatory, mitochondrial, blood vessel, vagus nerve & other potential issues in patients with ME/CFS.
  • The first-ever project to search for known and novel viruses, bacteria, fungi and associated immune activity in ME/CFS cerebrospinal fluid.  

The PolyBio team prioritizes research that moves beyond blood tests, and towards the study of tissue, nerves, cerebrospinal fluid, & autopsies. They have also paid close attention to the literature on ME/CFS outbreaks and are determined to improve research on latent viruses, biofilms, and persistent infection of the central nervous system. 

PolyBio is currently seeking funding for their collaborative projects. Even small donations can make a huge difference in getting the projects off the ground. Donors capable of making larger tax deductible donations can request a slide deck with additional information on study design and specific costs for each project.

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