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Welcome to the Symptom Cluster Characterization in Complex Chronic Disease clinical landing page.

The goal of the Symptom Cluster Characterization project, or the Chronic Illness Survey Adventure, is to fully characterize symptoms in different complex chronic diseases for better identification in research and to achieve faster diagnosis and the best possible clinical care.

If you are a medical provider and would like to validate your patients’ diagnosis of ME, ME/CFS, Long COVID, hEDS, POTS, and/or MCAS, start here.

*Recently, we have had a few people with complex chronic disease sign up here. This page is for clinicians looking to help validate their patients’ diagnosis/diagnoses for the study. If you are a person who has been diagnosed with a complex chronic disease and would like to participate in the survey-based study, click here for quick sign-up. If you are looking for a doctor in general, check out #MEAction’s Clinical Directory here.

Fill out a quick contact form.

Register your interest by filling out the contact form below.

Choose a time to touch base.

Next, you’ll receive an invitation to chat with our Director of Scientific and Medical Outreach for a few minutes to receive login credentials. You pick the time that works for you. 

Click on the link your patient sends you.

Click on the link your patient sends you and validate their diagnosis. 

From then on, you can validate any patient’s diagnosis with one click.

Once you click on the link your patient provides, it’s a simple matter of clicking all the diagnoses you are confident validating for your patient, and hitting ‘submit’.  

Five boxes, labeled ME/CFS, Long COVID, POTS, MCAS, and hEDS with icons so that the clinician can easily click on all the diagnoses that apply.

Our Clinical Partners

Dr. Bateman photo 1 (2)

Dr. Lucinda Bateman, MD

Founder and Medical Director

Susan Levine (2)

Dr. Susan Levine, MD

Cornell Clinical Fellow

Bonilla (2)

Dr. Hector Bonilla, MD

ME/CFS Clinical Coordinator,
Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine & Infectious Disease

Christina Chen (2)

Dr. Christina Chen, MD


Clinician Scientist

Lily Chu (2)

Dr. LIly Chu, MD, MSHS

Independent researcher

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