Covid-19 resources for people with me

Join our facebook support group for COVID-19. This group is a space for COVID-19 Long-haulers who suspect they may have ME, ME patients who have COVID-19, and people with ME who want to mentor long-haulers.

Welcome to #MEAction’s page for information about the coronavirus outbreak and its effect on people with ME. Below you will find links to useful governmental sites regarding the outbreak as well as resources and articles particularly developed for people with ME. Be sure to also follow your local health authority for information specific to your area, this should not be your only resource! We understand that this is a trying and scary time. If you are interested in connecting with more of the community, we encourage you to join a call and/or join us on social media.

Find the Hospital Form and Hospital Checklist here. To submit materials to be added to this curated page, click here.

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