• We are a regional chapter of #MEAction that advocates for people with ME, Long COVID, and other infection-associated chronic illnesses (IACI) in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. We aim to accomplish this by amplifying awareness and understanding of ME and IACI, working with medical providers to offer medical education on ME and IACI, fighting for disability rights, and advocating for people and their families on issues of health insurance coverage, treatments, and quality and compassionate care. 


  • We are an ME advocacy organization in the northern New England states of Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. We advocate for the rights and recognition of patients, bring awareness to this disease, and work with elected officials, medical providers, researchers, and the press to ensure that northern New England recognizes ME and provides quality care and support to all. 
  • Each month we will plan and organize actions. We need and welcome your help! We work with elected officials, medical providers, and members of the public to ensure that we are recognized, understood, and supported in the region. 
  • We welcome people with ME, Long COVID, and associated illnesses, as well as those who are undiagnosed, family members, caregivers, and nondisabled allies. Anyone who is committed to amplifying our needs and working to make northern New England a place that cares for all of us is welcome. 


  • Monthly Advocacy Meetings — We meet the second Monday of each month at 4:30 PM ET via Zoom. 
  • For more information, including the meeting room link, please look at the #MEAction Events calendar to find the next meeting date and details! 


  • Contact
    • Email inquiries and other messages may be sent to: [email protected] 
    • Follow us on social media: 
    • Instagram: @meactnne
    • Twitter/X: @MEActNNE
    • Visit our Facebook group 
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