UK Medical Education

Healthcare professionals urgently need accurate education and training that reflects the reality of ME as a complex multi-system disease.

Medical education on ME in the UK is often lacking or contains erroneous information. We are working towards a world in which healthcare professionals immediately understand the severity of ME, and the basics of how to treat and manage it. 

This is an area of our work that we are developing and want to grow further. If you have ideas, knowledge or skills to share and want to join our volunteer team on this, contact us today.

Our Aims


To ensure that healthcare professionals have access to the most recent information and training on the diagnosis, management and care of people with ME in the UK.

Do No Harm

To make professionals aware of the dangers of incrementally increasing activity levels for people with ME, and that pacing is the best management strategy.


To build widespread understanding and acknowledgement of the debilitating nature of ME.

Events and Modules

#MEAction UK Continuing Professional Development (CPD) events

#MEAction UK worked hard to get in-person screenings of Unrest certified for CPD.  Due to the pandemic this had to be postponed but we aim to hold events in the future.

Online Module for GPs launched by Dr Nina Muirhead

This free one-hour course contains a wealth of information, including how to diagnose the illness, the dangers of exercise, common comorbidities, and best practice in caring for people with ME. It also touches on the coronavirus pandemic and the possibility that it will trigger ME in a subset of those who survive COVID-19.

We urge people to share this module with their GPs using our email template.


We need more volunteers to expand and develop our work around medical education – is this something that interests you? If so, contact us today.

You can also follow us on social media for regular updates on all our work.

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