We’re fighting to raise awareness. We’re fighting for equal investment in research and access to care. And we need your help! Here’s how to get involved.

1) Join an advocacy group

FFAME (Friends, Family, and Allies for ME) is a network of individuals who are friends, family, or otherwise allies to people with ME. FFAME has two aims – to support caregivers of people with ME, and to bring healthy allies into the advocacy work.


All recommend groups: #MEAction Friends, Family and Allies | #MEAction Global | #MillionsMissing | Time for Unrest | #MEAction United States |#MEAction UK |#MEAction Network Australia | Join a local advocacy group

2) Subscribe to our email list

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3) Organize or attend a #MillionsMissing event

This May 12th, help support a local #MillionsMissing event or start one of your own.