MillionsMissing F.A.Q.

Yes, there can be. We would rather you combine forces with an existing event, but there can be more than one event in a city. Naming conventions for events will be determined with each registration on a case by case basis.

We will review registration applications on a first come, first serve basis. Our goal is to get to them as soon as we can. Please wait 72 weekday hours before checking on your registration.

We are aiming to capture as much data as possible to know where we are growing, making an impact, and mobilizing for change. You aren’t required to register your virtual event, but it helps us track our progress.

The movements before us have successfully gotten disease funding because of on the ground activism.

Shoes have been an active part of our protest since the beginning of #MillionsMissing. They symbolize what people are missing from their lives. This year, we encourage you to think outside the box for symbolism and creative ideas. Look at the toolkit for more ways to be creative and get attention.

Local #MillionsMissing are not funded by #MEAction, but if you want to set up an #MEAction fundraiser for your event, fill out this form.

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