Day: September 25, 2019

Words from the Depths of Severe ME: Honoring the life of Rosie

Photo is of Rosie with her niece 10 years ago.  Today we honor the life of Rosie Bayman who died from severe myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) one year ago, today.* Rosie, from Warwickshire, England, had ME for five years before she died. Rosie wrote poetry in her head when she had to lie in darkness and in silence,

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Why We Must Build an Open, Grassroots Movement

Listen to the article:  Values & Policy Initiative Learn more This article is part of our Values & Policy Initiative, a six-month long process for the community to come together to learn and discuss our core values, tactics and positions so that we are more unified in our work as a large, diverse community. This process will culminate in

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