Day: July 13, 2016

New research: gut microbes identify 83% of patients

Signs of bacterial infection and inflammation Recently, a team of researchers led by Ludovic Giloteaux of Cornell University measured the levels of several biomarkers in 49 ME/CFS patients and 39 controls, including LPS to measure bacteria in the bloodstream and CD14 and C-reactive protein to measure inflammation.  Researchers also measured the levels of intestinal fatty

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Tuller slams “terrible” PACE in podcast

Dr. David Tuller has provided an overview and update of his work criticizing the PACE trial in a podcast interview with Professor Vincent Racaniello on This Week in Virology (TWiV). Dr. Tuller, of University of California, Berkeley, published a series of damning critiques of the study on Professor Racaniello’s Virology Blog, starting with a lengthy article

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