Day: June 1, 2016

Scientists write open letter to PLoS One

Five professors of science and mathematics, including Professor Ron Davis of Stanford University, have written to PLoS One demanding the correction of an “inaccurate claim” central to a PACE trial paper on cost-effectiveness that was published in the journal in 2012. Referring to a series of articles by Dr. David Tuller criticizing the PACE trial,

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Speeches from the front lines of #MillionsMissing: Carol Head

I’m Carol Head, President of the Solve ME/CFS Initiative, here with Linda Tannenbaum.  Our organization conducts innovative research to solve ME/CFS. We conduct research and have created a biobank of ME/CFS patient information for use by all researchers. Before I begin, a quick note of thanks to Mark Cormizand. As you may know, we are

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