Day: May 26, 2016

#MillionsMissing Protest in 12 Locations all Over the World

On Wednesday, May 25, ME/CFS patients, caregivers and advocates in nine cities around the world gathered for a global day of action to demand equal treatment and an end to the stigma of the diagnosis of ME/CFS. Protesters demonstrated in front of Department of Health and Human Services offices in Washington D.C., Atlanta, Boston, Dallas,

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Speeches from the Front Lines of #MillionsMissing: Terri Wilder

My name is Terri Wilder and I’m a person living with ME. I was only diagnosed with ME about twelve weeks ago so it feels a little strange for me to be here today and introduce myself this way…… I typically introduce myself this way: “Good Afternoon, I’m Terri Wilder. I’m an AIDS Activist and a

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Speeches from the Front Lines of #MillionsMissing: Ron Davis

I’m Ron Davis and my son is missing… Linda Tannenbaum has really helped us a lot in raising funding. We have enough funding that we managed to assemble a very small team at the Stanford Genome Technology Center. This team is really excellent in doing research.  And we are making progress. Now, it is very

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Videocast of Trans-NIH group’s ME/CFS proposals at 2pm today

The US Trans-NIH (National Institutes of Health) ME/CFS Working Group will present its proposal to advance research into the disease during a live webcast at 2pm (Eastern Time) on Thursday 26 May. The broadcast will take place from a meeting of the National Advisory Neurological Disorders and Stroke Council. In order to be funded, proposals

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