Day: May 19, 2016

Dr Hornig’s talk in Sweden now available

Dr Hornig went into more depth about their published cytokine work, as well as what they are working on and trying to achieve. The talk was jam-packed with great science and information. Dr Hornig talks about the crisis in funding, looking at gene expression and gene variants, screening for up to 1.7 million vertebrate viruses, metabolomics, looking at how the immune system and the microbiome could affect metabolism and the brain – and much, much more!

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Donate to Marathon Runner to Support Invest in ME

I’m running my sixth EU marathon in Stockholm, Sweden on June 4th for biomedical ME research projects via Invest In ME (UK) and would love to meet up with anyone able to come cheer me on or meet for photos and a chat. I’m running to try to help one of my oldest friends, Ian,

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