Day: April 26, 2016

10 things you can do for #MillionsMissing with limited spoons

The #MillionsMissing protest is full-steam-ahead: we’re mobilizing in Washington D.C., Seattle, San Fransisco, and Dallas; we’re revving up our engines in other cities all across the United States, our friends in other countries have pitched in, and the enthusiasm has reached an all-time high.  However, if you’re sitting at your computer holding five spoons for

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Centre for Welfare Reform criticises PACE trial

The Centre for Welfare Reform has published a 64-page report criticising the PACE trial and relating the study to the debate over welfare reform and cuts to disability benefits in the UK. The report’s author, George Faulkner, discusses how the biopsychosocial model has helped create a climate in Britain in which the sick are seen

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