Day: November 9, 2015

Swedish psychiatrist on how he came to view M.E. as a physical disorder

Prof. Carl-Gerhard Gottfries is a professor of psychiatry. In this video, he explains how he and his colleagues first approached the treatment of patients with fibromyalgia and ME from a psychiatric perspective, and later came to view these illnesses as “multi-organic disorders” involving the immune system. Gottfries became interested in ME in 1957, when a pandemic

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Save the Gottfries Clinic

The Gottfries clinic is the leading ME/CFS and fibromyalgia clinic in Sweden. It both treats patients and conducts biomedical research, yet the health authorities there are planning to withdraw their support in favor for a “bio-psycho-social” approach to treatment. Politicians in Gothenburg, Sweden have now decided not to renew the contract with the clinic when

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Share this film and join the petition to reform the NICE guidelines

On Friday, 30th October, Change For M.E. Change For Us launched their short film, The Last Great Medical Cover Up. The film details the extent of medical discrimination and neglect people living with M.E. are being subjected to every day. The 35 minute documentary features 6 individuals expressing what it’s really like to have a

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