Day: September 12, 2015

An interview with lead singer of Belle and Sebastian – on life with M.E.

Stuart Murdoch talking openly about his experiences of M.E., Los Angeles, August 2015 “This is a pop band that sprang out of infirmity.” Stuart Murdoch in a great article from The Guardian December 2014 “Critics love Belle and Sebastian, they always have.” Daily Post September 2015 The Solve ME/CFS Initiative has managed to produce some

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Julie Rehmeyer on Science and ME/CFS

Julie Rehmeyer on Science and ME/CFS Julie Rehmeyer, an award-winning science and math writer, was recently interviewed about how her experience with ME/CFS has affected her perspective on science. The insightful piece ranges from a discussion of how the CDC’s treatment of ME/CFS has lessened her trust of institutions of science to how her experiences have

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MedPage Today: ME/CFS is Gaining Attention

MedPage Today Focuses on Need for Recognition of ME/CFS and Research Funding MedPage Today, a news site for medical workers, published an article about ME/CFS that mentions the #MEAction campaign to increase federal research funding. The article gathered quotes from top ME/CFS researchers Leonard Jason and Lucinda Bateman, and it summarized the findings of the recent

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UK CMRC Welcomes New Sponsors and Prepares for Research Conference

The UK CFS/ME Research Collaborative People with M.E. need better treatment and support. This can only be achieved through increasing the quality of research; by coordinating a stronger collaborative approach to stimulate more research through bringing in expertise from outside the field and supporting early stage career researchers; and by working strategically to increase funding

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