Day: September 11, 2015


Blogger Help us write news and opinion content for #MEAction and join a vibrant community of patient activists. Description: #MEAction’s volunteer bloggers develop their own stories and write content ideas suggested by the MEAction team. We are looking for folks who can write on any topics but are especially interested in covering science and policy. We

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Community organizer

Community organizer Help us organize and expand the capacity of the ME community. Description: #MEAction’s community organizer is responsible for grassroots community building, outreach to volunteers, local #MEAction groups and ally organizations; and developing programs for patient education and empowerment. Skills: Strong interpersonal skills, team building skills, and ability to talk on phone a moderate amount. Knowledge

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Editor Help us develop and coordinate a strategy for a more informed ME community. Description: #MEAction’s editor is responsible for writing content, developing new stories, editing and approving volunteer submissions, recruiting new writers, coordinating content flow, and implementing editorial standards and priorities  Skills: Strong written and organizational skills. Knowledge of the ME community. Comfort with science

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