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A New Non-Profit for ME & CFS Comes Online

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The American ME and CFS Society is live, and we need your participation! ...

OMF Shares Resources to Help Children with ME/CFS Succeed in School

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Dr. Faith Newton, Deleware State University, has created several resources to help children with ME/CFS improve their educational outcomes including the newest piece, a sample physician's letter ...

Innovative Organizing for UNREST in Boston: Don’t Miss our Nov. 12 Screening

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This is an exciting time for ME advocacy in Boston, Massachusetts. We are preparing for our November 12th, Sunday afternoon screening of UNREST. For those who are able, join us, because it is going to be an amazing event. (Tickets available here. Note: Healthcare professions can attend for free, and there's ...

What Did the Parliamentary Unrest Event Achieve?

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Tuesday 24th Oct., 2017 will long be remembered as a significant day for anyone involved in ME politics ...

Finding Ourselves in Others: A Tale of Watching Unrest

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This past spring I attended a screening for Unrest at the Ted Rogers Cinema in Toronto. Something powerfully transformative happened during the screening. Something that can’t be articulated in a review ...

OMF Introduces #OMFScienceWednesday

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Learn about science that OMF is supporting. Follow OMF on Facebook and Twitter ...

NICE: Listen to the People

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As the U.K. prepares to review its national clinical guidelines for ME, it is high-time that the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) listens to the evidence showing that Graded Exercise Therapy (GET) is harming people with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. Listen to the words of the words of the director ...

Is the Dutch Health Council really going to Ignore 10,000 signatures?

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Keep up-to-date on this issue by following the Twitter accounts @mecvsnieuws and @ME_gids More than 10,400 signatures for the Dutch petition ‘ME is not MU(P)S’ (Medically Unexplained (Physical) Symptoms) was presented to Prof. van Gool, president of the Dutch Health Council three weeks ago on September 18th. The petition aims to hold ...