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Jennie Spotila: NIH’s management of conflict of interest

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EDITOR'S NOTE: This reporting is written by Jennie Spotila Next week, the NIH will convene a peer review panel to evaluate and score the applications submitted under the Data Center and Collaborative Research Center RFAs. NIH's management of conflict of interest is key to understanding who is - and who is ...

Trifecta for ME awareness in Knoxville, Tennessee

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Trifecta in Knoxville, Tennessee In an example of Knoxville leading the way for Tennessee, Mayor Madeline Rogero and the Knoxville City Council have provided an ME/CFS Proclamation and Resolution in honor of May 12th, International ME/CFS Awareness Day. Supporting the global movement of lighting bridges and buildings in the ME blue ...

David Tuller: "I am committed to seeing this effort through to the end"

Tuller on PACE Investigation Plans: Not Beholden to Anyone

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#MEAction sat down with David Tuller recently for a wide-ranging discussion about the crowdfunding effort to help him continue his PACE investigations, the devastating stories he has heard from patients around the world, the poor media coverage of the PACE Trial flaws, and the ideal end result of all of the work ...

Voices from Sacramento: Janet Dafoe and Ashley Haugen

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Some of you may know Dr. Janet Dafoe and her daughter Ashley Haugen through their tireless advocacy work for ME.  Dr. Dafoe's son and Ashley's brother, Whitney Dafoe, has severe ME, and is the impetus behind their efforts to raise funding, raise awareness, and raise hell. These statements were read at the Sacramento California rally ...

Proclaim it Loud: States Issue Resolutions for ME

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Government moves slow. Any action requires lengthy processes - all of the checks and balances intended to create better, more deliberate legislation. Activists for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) across the country understand the sausage-making well as they have sought for their state legislators to recognize the urgent challenges facing ME, including ...

#MillionsMissing Will Take to the Streets on May 12th – Join Them!

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The #MillionsMissing are taking to the streets in 17 cities across the world on Friday, May 12th to once again demand change for people with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME). Five cities in the UK are hosting #MillionsMissing rallies - with London taking a stance before the department of health for the third ...

Eleven Years with Severe ME – a Young Woman Writes Her Story

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Jessica Taylor-Bearman has written a book called “A Girl Behind Dark Glasses” about her "forgotten years" of having severe Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) for 11 years since the age of 15. Her book focuses on the four years she spent hospitalized during which she was unable to speak, eat or move ...

The ME/CFS Biomarker Rollercoaster

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Biomarkers are a holy grail for ME/CFS because they have the potential to help diagnose disease, track disease progression or progress and help inform which treatments might help. The need for biomarkers is immense and researchers will identify many possible ones. It is encouraging that there have been more possible biomarker reports ...