Virtual protest

Protest virtually on May 12th with the #MillionsMissing

1) Put your shoes outside with a note

On May 12th, take a pair of shoes (or several) and put them on your doorstep, lawn, or driveway with a note about what these shoes represent now that you are ill with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME). Take a photo and post it on social media with the hashtag #MillionsMissing. Anyone can participate, whether you are a patient or an ally expressing solidarity.

You might pair the shoes with a sign that expresses what the empty shoes mean to you. Some examples: “I cannot walk to the end of my driveway” or “My brother should be here.”

Imagine if thousands of homes around the world put out their shoes in solidarity with the protestors in the streets.

2) Protest on social media

On May 12th, post selfies on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc) – in your bed, home, wheelchair, at work, wherever you live – to show online the millions who are missing from the protest.  Use the hashtag: #MillionsMissing so that we can aggregate all the photos. In addition, you might use #MEAction #mecfs #pwme

You might also consider typing these slogans or holding your own protest sign (whatever paper is handy!) with a slogan in your photo. Here are a few examples to get started:

  • Missing my life for 22 years because of ME / Missing in action since 1991 because of ME
  • Missing equity in research / Missing adequate medical care
  • Missing a doctor who believes me
  • Missing college / Missing my family / Missing running in the park
  • Missing but no longer silent

And don’t forget to follow us on the #MillionsMissing Instagram and share our stories: help us get the word out! Upload any videos you have to share to the #MEAction YouTube channel


3) Add the #MillionsMissing filter to your social media profile photo

During the month of May change your profile picture to the #MissingMillions Twibbon.

4) Be a virtual protest organizer

Promote the hashtag and shoe installation on your social media accounts. Email patients, friends, families, allies who are in the vicinity of the #MillionsMissing rallies.

5) Tweet at your health officials who control the levers on ME

Tweet the demands and messages that your country is making to your health officials.

Here are some example tweets for the U.S. agencies: NIH /CDC / HHS:

Tweet at NIH:
NIH’s ramp-up for ME/CFS is too slow, too small. #MillionsMissing demand adequate funding for research and clinical trials now. @NIHDirector

Tweet at CDC:
#MillionsMissing demand you remove erroneous information, including CBT and GET, from CDC medical education for ME/CFS NOW. @DrFriedenCDC

Tweet at HHS:
The #MillionsMissing demand HHS provide leadership, oversight and a serious commitment to urgently address ME/CFS. @SecBurwell

Not on Twitter? Phone or call your health officials to make your Demands heard loud and clear.