#MEAction UK Parliament Project

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#MEAction UK’s Parliament project supports a team of dedicated parliamentary outreach volunteers and staff and mobilises our UK network of constituents to educate our MPs about ME with the ultimate goal of increasing research funding and medical care.

How to get involved

To get more involved with Parliament outreach, contact uk@meaction.net. You can also join a local Facebook group.

Current Parliament calls to action
 Follow up on the ME debate

Send your MP an email thanking them for attending the House of Commons debate on ME on January 24th. You can also send them a summary of what happened if they didn’t attend using our online tools here

Urge your MP to sign EDM 1247 recognizing Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) Awareness Week, the work being done by campaigners and charities to highlight ME as a physical condition, and acknowledging the detrimental effects of the PACE trial. Contact your MP now

Follow-up Form

Have you contacted your MP about the ME debate? Did you hear back from them? Please fill out this form to tell us about it. The information you provide will help us improve our overall strategy. If you have questions you can contact uk@meaction.net.


Latest Parliament News & Actions

Proud Accessible Activism: The ME Debate Virtual Demonstration

Throughout history, activism and campaigning have been a driving force for positive change across the world. From civil rights to ...
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Historic Parliamentary Debate Shaped by People with ME

Listen to the article:  On Thursday 24th January 2019 a historic debate took place. Over 40 MPs from across the political ...
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Join the virtual demonstration in support of the ME debate!

Listen to this article on #MEAction’s Soundcloud here On Thursday afternoon, 24th January, MPs from all parties will be debating a ...
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What can you do before this Thursday’s ME debate?

Listen to this article on #MEAction’s Soundcloud here This Thursday 24th January, myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) will be discussed in the main ...
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UK Parliament will debate ME in historic House of Commons debate

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Stuart Murdoch’s open letter ahead of the ME Debate

Stuart Murdoch is the lead singer of Belle and Sebastian. He has had ME for 28 years and he has ...
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Take Action Now! The UK debate on ME has been granted

Listen to this article on #MEAction’s Soundcloud here We are delighted that Carol Monaghan MP has managed to secure a debate ...
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UK: MPs fight for a crucial parliamentary debate on ME

Carol Monaghan MP presented her application for a debate on ME to the Backbench Business Committee on Tuesday October 30th ...
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#MEAction keeps up the political heat of ME in the UK Parliament

A productive and extremely positive meeting on the current developments on ME in the UK took place on Monday, 22nd ...
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Meet with your MP about ME – Our Toolkit shows you how!

Advocates at #MEAction UK are working hard to engage Members of Parliament in the fight for appropriate clinical care and ...
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