The #MEAction team will be taking memorial weekend off and will be out of the office until Tuesday!

Thank you for understanding!


How-to Guides

#MillionsMissing in Edinburgh

Q&A with #MillionsMissing UK Organisers

On Thursday 18th April, #MEAction UK held a conference call with organisers of #MillionsMissing event past and present from across ...
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What can you do before this Thursday’s ME debate?

Listen to this article on #MEAction’s Soundcloud here This Thursday 24th January, myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) will be discussed in the main ...
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Meet with your MP about ME – Our Toolkit shows you how!

Advocates at #MEAction UK are working hard to engage Members of Parliament in the fight for appropriate clinical care and ...
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The Power of the Shoe

    Shoes have been a powerful, unifying symbol for #MillionsMissing since the first global protest in 2016. Demonstrations across the world ...
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Activism 101: Educate Medical Providers about ME

Most doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers belong to a medical association in order to connect to a community of ...
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What ME Activists Can Learn from the AIDS Crisis

I read "How To Survive A Plague: The Inside Story of How Citizens and Science Tamed AIDS" by David France ...
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UNREST: Best Practices for Hosting a Community Screening

This guide will provide you with ideas for hosting your own impactful screening of Unrest that will be well-attended, well-publicized ...
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Hosting a Screening of Unrest? Learn How to Talk to the Press

If you are hosting a screening of Unrest in your community, you will want to reach out to your local ...
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How to Build a Protest

Learn from the success of the #MillionsMissing protests that galvanized dozens of cities around the world to take to the ...
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City Proclamation for ME: How-To Guide and Case Study

Timbre Livesay and Mary Dimmock contributed to this article. This is an outline of the steps a California ME advocate, Mark ...
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