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2 comments on “Branding
  1. Lori says:

    During the call on Sunday regarding the protests 5-25, someone indicated they were in charge of artwork and what I would define as “Branding”. I would like to talk with someone that I could throw out an idea that I have, that would keep this protest and “awareness” active on-going past 5-25. My idea would need artwork, and consistency to keep the branding cohesive. I also think we need a website to send people for an “easy to understand” place for awareness on ME on the web etc. ME-pedia is way too complicated for the average person, unlike us who have researched the heck out of this horrific disease.
    I am willing to put the effort into this, just me and my computer. Don’t get out much…

    1. ME.Protest says:

      Lori – can you email us about this at millionsmissing@meaction.net?

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