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Promote your action

Have you already started a petition? Have you been approved for an event campaign? Do you have a preexisting action hosted on your own webpage that you would like us to share?

You can use the form below to submit content to be featured on our website under actions. Actions submitted here will be promoted on our Facebook and Twitter accounts and may be included in a future newsletter. Our newsletters have a potential reach of over 10,000 around the world.

What are actions?

An action can be a petition, an event, a fundraising campaign, a research survey – any project where you are asking others to take a concrete action in realize a vision for change in the world.


  • Headline: Choose a punchy, action-oriented headline. e.g., Tell Congress to Act, Fund this Marathon to the North Pole, Take the Chili Challenge
  • Post content for ACTIONS: For all action posts (whether petitions, events, or actions hosted on other sites), the goal is to provide a short overview of the project and then encourage folks to either learn more or take action. So keep your posts short (roughly 100-300 words) and end with a call to action at the very bottom (e.g., SIGN THE PETITION, JOIN THE EVENT) that links to your action’s petition, event hub, or an offsite webpage.
  • Featured image (required): This is the image that will be your featured content’s thumbnail throughout the site. It should be a vibrant photograph, at least 300px tall and wide. You should also have permission to use it or the photograph should be public domain or under an appropriate Creative Commons license. (Need an image? use this Creative Commons page as starting point.)