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Mobilize your friends and family to support our #MEAction community and our global movement for recognition, education and research for people with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME). Share your story and invite loved ones to join your fundraiser.

We have two ways for you to start a fundraiser: you can fundraise on Facebook or you can reach out to us about hosting an individual fundraiser on our website. Below, we’ve got some sample language to help you craft your own fundraising pitch!

Facebook Fundraiser tips

  1. Visit this link to launch a Facebook fundraiser or go here to learn more about our campaign. (Need help getting started? Check out our sample Facebook fundraiser language below.) 
  2. We recommend titling your fundraiser: “YOUR NAME’s #MEAction’s Giving Adventure”. That way people know they can donate beyond Giving Tuesday.
  3. Set your fundraiser to run until December 31st
  4. Invite your Facebook friends to join your fundraiser
  5. On November 30th, “Giving Tuesday,” Facebook will match donations made on their platform up to $8 million USD! 

 If you prefer to give directly to #MEAction’s Facebook fundraiser, that is another great way to help us reach our goal.


Insert your story here. Share how ME has impacted your life.

That’s why I am fighting to improve the lives of people with myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), commonly called chronic fatigue syndrome. ME is a debilitating disease that affects the brain and immune system. It impacts over 1 million people of all ethnicities, ages, and genders in the US and 15-30 million around the world. There are no FDA-approved treatments, and many are left, homebound or bedridden, without any access to medical care.

#MEAction is an organization close to my heart that fights for recognition, medical education, and research for people living with ME. Our goal is to raise $100,000 this holiday season to support the future of #MEAction!

 Over the past year, #MEAction has worked hard to:

  • Demand that the ME community is heard at #MillionsMissing events across the globe.
  • Ensure that people with ME and Long COVID have the access and support needed to navigate their healthy journeys.
  • Urge government institutions to prioritize ME in research and acknowledge treatments that are dangerous for people with ME.
  • Launch a research survey that will provide data to help generate better care and quicker diagnoses of ME and other similar chronic diseases.
  • Supported #MEAction UK in its efforts to apply pressure on The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) to publish the updated ME/CFS guideline in the UK.
  • Improve outreach to underserved communities through new partnerships.
  • Strengthen connections within the ME community through support groups, Artists Salons, and Facebook Live events.

 Your donation today will sustain a global community of over 30,000 patients, caregivers, volunteers, and allies for the future. Together, we can work to raise awareness, educate medical doctors, grow the scientific field, and build a thriving community of support and friendship.

I hope you will join me! Thank you so much for your support!

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