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6 comments on “How To Guides
  1. Dawn Lauryn says:

    It would be really nice if one of the ME/CFIDSs sites had a “How To” for signing up for medical assistance, e.g. in the US: What are the best Medicare options for us to select to ensure we have affordable healthcare, can see the MDs that understand the illness, which Drug Plan is best, etc…Of course this is a pretty big deal and each region/state would need a person knowledgeable about this stuff.

  2. Fionn says:

    Could I ask what typeface is used for the posters and #MISSINGMILLIONS headings, please? Would like to make a placard with my own text on it. Thanks!

    1. Jaime S says:

      Check out the resources on, and then look for the Style guide, Fionn! Permanent marker is one of the main fonts used though, off the top of my head.

      1. Fionn Fionnmhachain says:

        Thank you for this – for some reason I never got an email saying anyone had replied! In the end I fudged it with Helvetica Neu Condensed Bold, which looks kinda similar. Thanks again! F.

  3. cort says:

    How do we find our politicians email addresses, phone numbers and addresses?

    1. Fionn Fionnmhachain says:

      Not sure where you’re based, Cort, but in the UK this is a good place to start:

      I’ve no first-hand knowledge about how to do it in the USA, but this looks useful:



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