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Reports on Graded Exercise Therapy


Printable Brochures

(Best printed in color. If printing at home, print inside version first, select landscape orientation, print, flip and put back into the printer with the print facing up, print outside version.) 

  • About ME (general audience) –  inside and outside.
  • I have ME. What’s Next. (For people who think they might have ME.) – inside and outside.
  • A guide for Caregiversinside and outside.

#MEAction Congressional Fact Sheet – Facts about ME/CFS to present to your representatives

Prevalence spreadsheet that shows the number of people in your state with ME

Disease burden of ME/CFS – based on research paper by Dimmock, Mirin & Jason

Talking points on ME

#MillionsMissing Fact Sheet

The Voice of the Patient,” a report on people with ME and CFS by the FDA.


UK Fact Sheet

Scottish Good Practice Statement on ME-CFS – this set of guidelines informs doctors of the potential adverse effects of graded exercise and the use of cognitive behavioral therapy not as a cure but as a coping tool, similar to other chronic illnesses.


Australia Fact Sheet

ME in the News


Documentaries: UnrestForgotten Plague Voices from the Shadows I Remember ME
Short educational video content: #MEAction playlist | TED Talk
Advocacy videos: Activist teach-ins
Radio: TED Radio Hour | Science Friday


Thirty Years of Disdain: How HHS Buried ME by Mary Dimmock and Matthew Lazell-Fairman

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