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What is ME?
Diagnostic criteria: Canadian Consensus Criteria | International Consensus Criteria | IOM ReportIACFS/ME Clinical Care primer | Pediatric Primer


#MEAction ME/CFS Research Summary – Full Summary

#MEAction ME/CFS Research Summary – Highlights

Scientific reports on Graded Exercise Therapy

Post-Exertional Malaise & Graded Exercise Therapy in ME/CFS: Primer

The flawed science behind the CBT and GET recommendations – a comprehensive report by Mary Dimmock

Understanding Post-Exertional Malaise – a report by Jennie Spotila


#MEAction congressional One-Pager – presents facts about ME/CFS and why US health authorities should fund it at a level commensurate with disease burden

Prevalence spreadsheet that shows the number of people in your state with ME

Disease burden of ME/CFS – based on research paper by Dimmock, Mirin & Jason

Talking points on ME

#MillionsMissing Fact Sheet

The Institute of Medicine 2015 report on ME/CFS – a good summary of the research. Also searchable for information on a specific topic.

The Voice of the Patient,” a report on people with ME and CFS by the FDA.


UK Fact Sheet

Scottish Good Practice Statement on ME-CFS – this set of guidelines informs doctors of the potential adverse effects of graded exercise and the use of cognitive behavioral therapy not as a cure but as a coping tool, similar to other chronic illnesses.


Australia Fact Sheet

ME in the News


Documentaries: UnrestForgotten Plague Voices from the Shadows I Remember ME
Short educational video content: #MEAction playlist | TED Talk
Advocacy videos: Activist teach-ins
Radio: TED Radio Hour | Science Friday


Thirty Years of Disdain: How HHS Buried ME by Mary Dimmock and Matthew Lazell-Fairman

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