Petition organizing tools

Tools for organizing world-changing petitions

How to take the US funding equality petition into the streets
imagesHow to launch a petition on #MEAction

Here’s how and why you should launch a petition on #MEAction.



2009-8-13-edinburgh2-04The Dutch Petition

With the help of many dedicated patients and their loved ones, The Dutch ME/CFS Association (ME/CVS Vereniging) were able to gather 56,000 signatures for their petition for increased research. Here’s how.


6858229573_f0a0498bb7How to organize a world-changing petition

Some hints on how to make your petition successful. You’ll need a clearly-defined target, a concrete demand, and any idea of your audience.

One comment on “Petition organizing tools
  1. adam says:

    Many and many patients all over the world need exact medication, because they suffering, suffering their friends, close family and even all society, because therapeutic treatment is very expensive for national insurance and funds for research are distributing very ineffective, because there is just little funds for ME/CFS. For example research for AIDS/HIV, there is amount of fund about more then 3 billions. And for ME/CFS jus in couple of millions. What is ridiculous. AIDS patients suffering same like ME/CFS patients. Absolutely same. ME/CFS should be on top of priority of research treatment list. PLEASE HELP US from been absolutely sick and feeling totally bloom.

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