#MillionsMissing 2021


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Support our #MillionsMissing 2021 Giving Campaign. Our goal: US$50,000 (£35,904) by May 31st.

#MEAction is dedicated to advocating with and for people with ME. It is at the center of all we do. Whether that is through our dedicated support groups, federal agency advocacy, medical education efforts, or press engagement, we fight for recognition, funding, and support for all people with ME. 

The pandemic has been hard on all of us and appears to be creating a new generation of people suffering with ME. With a strong, connected, empowered community, however, we can meet these challenges, continue to support each other, and advocate for critical change. Together, we can transform research and medical care for all people with ME, now and for those to come.

If you can, this #MillionsMissing, please give to fuel the fight! 


There are so many ways to join in and contribute, no matter your financial resources or cognitive and physical capacity. Every action you take, now until May 31st, will help bring us one step closer to our goal.


Help us reach our #MillionsMissing goal by making a one-time or recurring donation.


Mobilize your friends and family to support our #MEAction community. Start a Facebook fundraiser or post our donate button on Instagram. Find out how to participate in #MillionsMissing!


Shop at our Zazzle store, and you can support our work and at the same time, raise awareness. Up to 10% goes to #MEAction.
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