The #MEAction Network



The #MEAction Network is our network of independently-organized, licensed affiliates. We are currently supporting a pilot project of select local groups including #MEAction USA, #MEAction Australia, and #MEAction United Kingdom. If you are interested in organizing an #MEAction affiliate on the national, state/province, or local level, please fill out this form and we’ll reach out as we expand the program.

Group organizers are required to adhere to a lightweight license agreement. Here are the core requirements of affiliate groups:

  1. aligned with the goals and mission of #MEAction Platform (“patients empowering each other to fight for health equality”)
  2. transparent and open to all
  3. institute a structure with clear rules and processes that employs democratic decision-making

In return, affiliates receive the benefits of the brand and the platform, including social media and email list support, access to enterprise level tools, and where possible, the support of our staff and volunteers.

Any questions? Please contact us.