Great ideas

Expand your activism repertoire with these great examples of advocacy from other groups and movements.

Host a dinner to fundraise for ME/CFS researchers

My sister (the PwME) and I held a “Dining for Dollars” dinner this weekend and we encourage others to use ...

Visual ideas for your #MillionsMissing protest

Have ideas on how to improve this document? Email Protests are opportunities to grab attention, to crystallize all of the ...

Wheelchair users in Bolivia suspended from bridge in protest

A small group of wheelchair users suspended themselves from a bridge in Bolivia to protest treatment of disabled people and ...

Add this PACE petition counter to your website

Use this code to add a PACE petition counter to your blog or website. It links back to the original ...
Man doing ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Ice Bucket Challenge funds breakthrough

One year on: how much did the ALS Ice Bucket achieve? Around this time last year the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge ...

Suffering the Silence: Portraits of Chronic Illness

This beautiful photography project, Suffering the Silence, aims to make more visible the millions of Americans suffering from invisible illnesses: The ...

Spain hologram protest

Activists in Spain, after a new gag law curtailed the freedom to protest in front of Congress or parliament buildings, staged what ...

One comment on “Great ideas
  1. Rita Shaw says:

    I am a very active person mentally always looking for new information online , in all areas of my conditions. My comment is they are using genetic testing for banks, for confirmation of desease.
    Why don’t patients have the option to join genetic study’s But also with the option to be able to buy their genetic information. Instead of using 23&me. the low cost would fund a lot of grants once the word was out to the sick.
    And world possible find some of our health answer at the same time. It just makes since to me. Same with biology labs if we could break down all patients information and find catergorys like high cortisol and you could send a low cost test to patient, and they would have confirmation of cortisol levels for doctors. I know it would be a lot of work in data entry but to be able to pull symptom or desease associative with ME subtypes and all People in date base with same listed in system . we could test a larger subject group faster

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