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Virtual Choir for Severe ME Day!

JULY 16, 2020 @ 02:00 PM - 11:00 PM CEST

For #MillionsMissing, we organized a virtual choir to perform “You’ve Got a Friend” by Carole King. Here’s the performance if you missed it! Somehow, even we were caught off guard by how gratifying the process was and how significant the simple act of singing together can be. Everyone who participated took a lot of care to make it special, and we are really grateful to everyone who was involved. We are planning another virtual choir performance for Severe ME Day (August 8th). 

There are no requirements for participating, just join if you like to sing! 

KPH & The Canary Collective has given us permission to use their song “One Sided Glass” and has also graciously offered to create an arrangement for the choir. It feels especially significant to be able to perform a song BY a person with ME for Severe ME Day and we can’t wait to put it together. 


In order to participate, you just need a recording device (laptop or cell phone camera is perfect!), a pair of headphones, and you!


Submissions are due by 5 pm Pacific Time on Wednesday July 15th!


Please follow the instructions below carefully to make sure your submission is included.

How to be in the virtual choir:

  1. Learn the song – get acquainted with the lyrics here
  2. Use this practice track to record. Record a video of you singing! Use your webcam or phone camera.
    **If you’re having a hard time pulling out the main melody while listening to the practice track, check out this video as a reference. The part that the person on the right hand side is singing is the main melody.   
  3.  Wear headphones while recording the video and listening to the track.
  4. A single clap comes in at 4 seconds, clap with it when you hear it. The song starts shortly after.
    **Your clap doesn’t have to be exactly on time, just as close as you can manage. This allows us to sync everyone together. If you don’t clap visibly and audibly, we may not be able to use your audio! 
  5. Sing your heart out!
  6. If you’re happy with your take, save the file as “”
    **Make sure to complete this step and include your last name so we can credit everyone correctly!
  7. Upload your video here.



Record a vocal track with harmonies!
If you have a knack for harmonies, feel free to put your skills to use! KPH has a live version of the song here that you can use as a reference for how they typically layer multiple vocal pieces. At the :50 second mark, they begin adding a low and high harmony to the main melody. You can also come in with the humming line that separates the first verse from the second (1:13). The first chorus (2:10) features a high harmony (you can add a low harmony if you’re so inclined). The song continues in this style.
Here’s a second document with the lyrics that includes this arrangement. Italicized lines indicate places for harmonies!
You can record this track in addition to the main melody track or just record this one! If you have any questions, email [email protected]. And remember, this part is completely optional! 


July 16, 2020
02:00 pm - 11:00 pm
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