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Support our 2021 Giving Adventure Campaign. Our goal: US$100,000 (£73,000) by December 31st.

2021 The Adventure Continues–Help us unlock the future

The map to a cure might be an untraveled road, but with the community as our torch, we will light the path together! 2020 drove us into an unprecedented landscape and 2021 brought clarity to our work and our commitment to fighting for health equity for people with ME.

We still need to slay the dragon. We’ve spent years on this path and we have climbed many mountains together, and now we need to reach the next level. In the year ahead, #MEAction will take bold new steps in its strategic direction and set out on an adventure that will launch new partnerships, expand our reach, and move us closer to a world where people with ME have access to compassionate, effective care. 

As a community we will continue to venture together into some unknown terrain, but we know with all of us working together, we can conquer any obstacle.

NOW is the time to support #MEAction to join us in this adventure to ultimately find a cure! We are pressing onward and will continue to ensure the community is at the heart of each action we take! 

As we continue this adventure, you’ll help us unlock fun levels and prizes as we move along our Giving Adventure game board. Begin today by making a donation of any size! Throughout the next two months, we will host challenges, engaging events such as live musical performances, DnD on Twitch, fun giveaways, character reveals and challenges, and so much more.

Living with ME is not the kind of adventure anyone would choose but we can make our end-of-year fundraising a journey of epic adventures. While we take our work very seriously, this wonderful community deserves all the fun, play, and creativity we can add!

The game board has been revealed. As we move along the game board path there are fun fundraising level adventures that include fun activities and rewards! Give today to unlock and to help us reach the next fundraising level adventure!


Here are a few ways to join in and contribute, no matter your financial resources or cognitive and physical capacity. Every action you take, now until December 31st, will help bring us one step closer to our goal.


Help us reach our End of Year goal by making a one-time donation or signing up for #MEAction Membership.


Mobilize your friends and family to support our #MEAction community. Start a Facebook or #MEAction website fundraiser and share it with your circle.


Reach out to your friends and family and share your story. Ask them to support our global movement for recognition, education and research for people with ME.

What We’ve Accomplished Together

  • More press engagement than ever before thanks to our press wizard (2,000+) 
  • CMEs, educational toolkits, seminars, and deeper connection with health professionals
  • Over 2,000 people like you have taken the Chronic Illness Adventure Survey so far!
  • In-depth advocacy responses to the CDC, NIH, & HHS
  • Presentations about the importance of the patient voice in research at NIH-funded CRCs and a plenary talk at the Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine’s annual conference
  • Community events including artists’ salons, meet-and-greets, author interviews, and more (because our voyage can’t be all about work… we care and celebrate play and creativity!) 
  • Support resources for members of our wonderful community 
  • 25 million views on MEpedia! 
  • 460,000 reached on Facebook and Instagram, 2.75 M impressions on Twitter, and 64,000 following #MEAction on all platforms.
  • Through Activist Camp! we have trained 50+ new activists to take the castle by storm 

What’s on the Journey Ahead

  • Bold new steps in our advocacy response with the NIH, CDC, and HHS and members of the new administration
  • Finishing the Chronic Illness Survey Adventure and partnering to crunch the data and produce literature
  • A leadership development program that will train #MEAction volunteers to play more integral roles in advocacy, research, medical education, and #MillionsMissing
  • New strategic partnerships that will enhance our work and deepen our impact in BIPOC and underserved communities
  • Increasing accessibility across our website and our resources
  • Fun and engaging membership events! 
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