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Support our 2020 Giving Season Campaign. Our goal: US$200,000 (£150,000) by December 31st.

2020 has been a challenging year. A once in a century pandemic swept the world. Its wake will leave millions with long-term symptoms, some of whom will go on to meet the criteria for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME). The need has never been greater, the challenges never so daunting. From this tragedy, though, we have a unique opportunity to fundamentally change how scientists, doctors and policymakers understand ME and address this decades-long crisis. Unfortunately, the window is narrow. The next few years have the potential to shape history.

You can help us meet these challenges by supporting our mission: recognition, medical education, and research for ME. We need to raise $200,000 (£150,000) by year’s end. With your support, we’ll be able to continue our work of public outreach; agency, congressional, and parliamentary advocacy in the US & UK; medical education; and growing our peer support community across our 100+ local and affinity groups.

Five years ago, Jennifer Brea and Beth Mazur launched #MEAction because they wanted a space where we could come together as a community to fight for ourselves and fight for the people that we love. They believed deeply in the collective power of the ME community and the possibility of distributed leadership.

The pandemic has been hard on all of us and appears to be creating a new generation of people suffering with ME. With a strong, connected, empowered community, however, we can meet these challenges, continue to support each other, and advocate for critical change. Together, we can transform research and medical care for all people with ME, now and for those to come.


There are so many ways to join in and contribute, no matter your financial resources or cognitive and physical capacity. Every action you take, now until December 31st, will help bring us one step closer to our goal.


Help us reach our End of Year goal by making a one-time or recurring donation.


Mobilize your friends and family to support our #MEAction community. Start a Facebook or #MEAction website fundraiser and share it with your circle.


Reach out to your friends and family and share your story. Ask them to support our global movement for recognition, education and research for people with ME.


Give the gift of #MEAction. Shop at our Zazzle store, and you can support our work and at the same time, raise awareness.


Share these Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts to get people noticing the campaign. Don’t forget to tag us or use the hashtag #MEAction


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