#MillionsMissing Fundraiser 2024

Create Your Own Individual Fundraiser

Help us reach our #MillionsMissing fundraising goal by creating your own individual fundraiser! You can create a website to share your story and share with your network.

Steps to Create Your Fundraiser

  1. Use this link to begin: https://meaction.funraise.org/start-fundraising
  2. Create your account: providing your name, email address, and creating a password
  3. Go to your email and confirm your email address (step must be taken before you continue)
  4. Upload a photo and finish completing the set-up process
    *You can use any square image, does not need to be an actual photo
    *We have sample images you can download to use. Access images here.

TIPS TO Create a Successful Fundraiser

  • Share your personal fundraising page across your social media platforms. If sharing on Instagram, make sure to add the link to your bio, so people can access it easily.
  • Email your individual fundraising page to your network.
  • ┬áREMIND PEOPLE: it takes the average person 6x to be reminded before they donate.
  • Use social media to send thanks to people who donate with tags or photos (this also can serve as a reminder to others).
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