Create a letter writing campaign

How to launch a One Click Politics letter writing campaign

Launching a petition is a great way to gather a large number of supporters over the course of a long campaign.

However, sometimes what you need is a “quick hit” effort – one where you can mobilize advocates quickly to contact representatives regarding a time sensitive issue or urge them to take action, for example, on a specific piece of legislation.

Letter writing campaigns are ideal for this and a tool by One Click Politics makes sending letters to representatives easier than ever. Just write a sample letter to provide recipients with a template. All they need to do is click “Sign” to instantly send their letter to a list of pre-designated recipients. Senders also have the option of editing your sample letter before sending.

Currently we can launch a limited number of campaigns to target US Congressional Representatives, US state legislatures, Canadian and Australian parliaments, as well as custom recipients in any country.

If you are interested in starting a One Click Politics campaign, please contact us.


What is the One Click Politics widget?

To give you a better sense of the capabilities of this tool, here is an example of what the One Click Politics widget looks like. (Note: this campaign is no longer active.)