#MEAction’s US Congress project involves a team of dedicated volunteers and staff and thousands of constituents who have been engaging in Congressional advocacy since the organization’s launch in 2015.

Mission & GOALS

#MEAction’s US Congress project involves a team of dedicated volunteers and staff and thousands of constituents working to achieve these goals.


Persuade Congress to pass legislation and appropriate more funding for ME/CFS*


Persuade Congress to advocate for ME/CFS needs to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and other federal agencies (HHS includes the National Institutes of Health, Centers for Disease Control, and Food and Drug Administration).


Engage Congressional members to support ME/CFS publicly to help build awareness.

*#MEAction typically uses the term myalgic encephalomyelitis but uses the term ME/CFS for Congressional communications. Congress is more familiar with the term ME/CFS, and it is also the wording used by national agencies (such as the NIH and CDC) with whom Congress interacts.


Take Action!

Send a one-click email, call your representatives or set up a meeting with your Member of Congress to advocate for ME/CFS.

Join Your State Group

Join a State Chapter or State Facebook Group to get involved at the local level. State and local policy impacts federal decision-making.


Congressional Advocacy Toolkit

Use our tools​ ​to “go deeper” into advocacy work, especially if you are getting ready to set up a meeting with a​ ​Congressional office. Each chapter has links to many other resources to help you prepare for a successful meeting! Read the toolkit

History of Congressional Team

Our first tangible accomplishment was succeeding several times in restoring $5.4 million​ ​in ME/CFS funding for the Centers for Disease Control that had been proposed for elimination.​ ​Then, through many phone and in-person meetings with Congressional offices and “calls to​ ​action” for the community to contact their members’ offices, we have been able to accomplish the following actions. See timeline below. 

January, 2015

#MEAction Launches

#MEAction launches in January of 2015.

January, 2015

January, 2016

Letter to NIH

In 2016, we advocated for members of Congress to write a bipartisan letter to the NIH,​ ​signed by 55 Representatives.

January, 2016

January, 2016

Letters to Appropriations Committees

In 2016, 2017, and 2018, we fought for 130 members of Congress to write to the​ ​Appropriations Committees to request that ME/CFS directives be included in the​ ​appropriations bills.

January, 2016

January, 2018

Letter to Department of Health and Human Service

In 2018, we worked to secure a bipartisan letter to the Department of Health and Human Services calling for support for ME/CFS patients and research​, signed by 42 Senators and Representatives.

January, 2018

April, 2019

Advocacy Day

In April 2019, #MEAction partnered with SMCI to undertake the largest ME/CFS Advocacy Day!
On April 3rd, 178 attendees stormed the halls of Congress calling for change. Advocates held a total of 187 meetings with congressional offices!
We also provided tools for people at home to call their senators and advocate via social media.
April, 2019

May, 2019

Senate Resolution 225 Passed

In May 2019, a historic, bipartisan Senate Resolution, S.Res. 225,  passed in honor of International ME/CFS Awareness Day.

May, 2019


House Resolution 399

In 2019, we worked with the House representatives to introduce a bipartisan House Resolution, H. Res. 399, recognizing International ME/CFS Awareness Day.
We currently have 18 Representatives who have signed on to the resolution and we are looking to get even more.

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