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#MillionsMissing from ME: Your Stories

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Myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) is a debilitating, chronic disease that steals so much from the person. We received heart felt stories from around the globe chronicling journeys with ME. This week we touched on parenting, aging, marginalization, and careers. Today we want to share more of your stories. While not all ...

Career and Loss for People with ME

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Myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) is a debilitating, chronic disease that steals so much from people’s lives. People with ME may struggle with their identity through the loss or great change in their careers. Below are stories of individuals who found their careers greatly changed or taken.   We hope that you will join ...

Announcing #MillionsMissing 2019! Join us!

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Listen to the article:   We are thrilled to announce #MillionsMissing 2019! This May, we will take to the streets - or demonstrate from our beds - to show the world we are here, we are the #MillionsMissing, we will continue to fight for our demands for people with myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) ...

Open Letter: 75 International Experts Urge Netherlands to Invest in Biomedical Research for ME

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75 clinicians, scientists and other professionals explain to the Dutch Minister of Health what this diseas is, but also is NOT (not a pychological or psychosomatic disease), that there is no robust evidence for CBT/GET nor for the underlying hypothesis and that the only way to achieve much needed progress ...

The Global Impact of #MillionsMissing

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The impact of #MillionsMissing 2018 was phenomenal. Protestors took to the streets in 100 countries across the world with demonstrations taking place in North America, South America, Europe, the United Kingdom, South Africa and Asia. Along with people taking action from home, there was a total of 300 visibility actions. More ...

Dutch Health Council Downgrades GET for ME/CFS

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Author: Dutch Citizens’ Initiative “Recognize ME” (Group ME-TheHague). In the release of its much-anticipated report, the Dutch Health Council sees no reason to advise the use of Graded Exercise Therapy for people with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / chronic fatigue syndrome. However, the report does not go as far as to provide a ...

OMF’s End ME/CFS Worldwide Tour Announces Visits to The Netherlands and Italy

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On OMF's End ME/CFS Worldwide Tour to the Netherlands and Italy will include a presentation from Linda Tannenbaum, OMF CEO/President and interactive Q&A. The Tour is sharing hope and raising awareness ...

FITNET trial criticised in Behavioural Sciences journal

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Severe ME patients publish paper questioning central findings of Dutch CBT/GET trial ...

#MillionsMissing Holland gets the ear of the Minister of Health

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#MillionsMissing Holland has made its voice heard in the House of Representatives.   House of Representatives member Linda Voortman has filed questions about ME based on the protest demands with Holland’s Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport, Edith Schippers. In the letter, Voortman asks the minister of health if she is ...

Whether I like it or not

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Over the years I discarded several pairs of shoes. I no longer felt comfortable wearing high heels, nor needed aerobic shoes, or did not have the stamina for a pair of boots that were simply too heavy. With hindsight, I should have kept that pair of boots, because it might have ...