About #BedFest

#BedFest is a virtual concert to showcase the experience of living with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as expressed through song, spoken word, poetry or silent expression in the form of a short video clip or photo. #BedFest premieres on Saturday, May 6th.

#MEAction will showcase your submissions on our website as part of a virtual concert on May 6th. We will also host a BlueJeans call for participants to discuss their work, the act of expressing oneself while suffering with ME, and for the community to share the moment together.

Send in submissions by April 30th to bedfest@meaction.net. See submission guidelines below.

Noa from Germany sent in this beautiful song she wrote called, “Sometimes I cry,” for #Bedfest, which she performed on a tenor ukulele.

Participate in the #BelieveME video

As part of the festival, we are also partnering with musician Kaeley Pruitt-Hamm who has recorded an EP Hi From Pillows from her bed. As part of #BedFest, Kaeley will re-release her music video, “Believe Her,” to include faces of people with ME from around the world. We want to represent the diversity of people with ME and welcome submissions from all ages, races and genders.    

To be part of the re-mix of Kaeley’s music video, send in a still photo of yourself in bed holding a sign that says #BelieveME or #BelieveHer by April 30th. Send in submissions to believeme@meaction.net.

Read about Kaeley’s journey here.

#BedFest Submission Guidelines
  1. Performance must be done from a bed. 
  1. We welcome any kind of performance or song about the experience of living with, or being diagnosed with ME or ME/CFS. You may consider expressing the theme of not being believed for your illness to correspond with Kaeley’s music video “Believe Her.”
  1. Performance options may include, but are not limited to:
  • song (a cover song is fine)
  • spoken word
  • skit
  • poem
  • visual art
  • message (written, acted out, painted etc.)
  • silent demonstration (for example, filming a clip of yourself lying in bed with your eyes and ears covered)
  1. Time limit for video, 1-5 mins. We suggest you submit a video since #BedFest is a virtual concert, but if you feel that a photo captures your expression better, we welcome that, as well.
  2. Along with your submission, include a little bit about yourself in the email (if you are comfortable), such as your age, how long you’ve been ill, city of residence, former occupation, your current hobbies, what is the first thing you’d do if you recovered today etc.
  3. Deadline for submissions: April 30th. Send submissions to bedfest@meaction.net.
  4. Use the hashtag #BedFest to promote your video on social media on May 6th.


*Learn more about the artist, Elizabeth D’Angelo, who created the #BedFest banner.