Author: Fleur Eliza

A Glorious Moment for the Dutch Government to Step Up to the Plate

Today, exactly a year ago, a report by the Dutch Health council expressed the urgent message that immediate intervention is required regarding ME. And last December the current Minister of Medical Care, Bruno Bruins, stated that he would be following up on all accounts. As someone dealing with ME, I am eagerly awaiting the rest of this project, hoping to live a less restricted life.

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We ask for attention and compassion with energy we don’t have. Often this is misunderstood.

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Whether I like it or not

Over the years I discarded several pairs of shoes. I no longer felt comfortable wearing high heels, nor needed aerobic shoes, or did not have the stamina for a pair of boots that were simply too heavy. With hindsight, I should have kept that pair of boots, because it might have been helpful with losing

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Empty shoes

A few years after getting ill, I discovered that I can write interesting stories about things that happen inside or close to my home. For instance about birds or cats visiting our garden (preferably not at the same time), books, music or even what we had for dinner. This time it is about my shoes, my empty shoes. Who needs shoes while lying on the sofa, anyway?

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