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Survey on pregnancy in ME

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Who –

You have been asked to participate in this project if you are an individual aged 18-50 who has CFS and/or ME, is able to become pregnant, and you are either:

– Thinking of starting a family in the next five years;

– are currently in the process of having a child (e.g. through pregnancy, adoption, or fostering), or;

– have had children within the last five years. 

What –

This survey from Cardiff Metropolitan University is part of an investigation into the most important factors on making decisions regarding when, if and how to start or enlarge a family for individuals who can become pregnant.

When –

Currently enrolling

Where –

The survey can be accessed online via this link:

How –

This survey will ask questions concerning your CFS/ME and how this has influenced your family planning, if at all, from the perspective of an individual who can become pregnant.

This will involve you answering questions about your background, your CFS/ME experience, your decisions regarding choosing whether or not to start or enlarge a family based on your condition, how and why you came to this decision and your current contraception (if you are using any). It will take around 20 minutes to complete. Answers will be anonymous and analysed together to identify any specific repeating factors identified by multiple individuals.

Why –

This survey is being done to help better inform healthcare professionals about what factors are most important to individuals with CFS/ME who can become pregnant, when discussing whether or not to start or enlarge their family. This involves when and how the conversation is brought up, what is discussed and what support can be offered. This is to improve the lives of individuals who can become pregnant who have CFS/ME.

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