NEED HELP? Support and Crisis Resources

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NEED HELP? Support and Crisis Resources

Living with ME can be extremely difficult. #MEAction strives to create spaces of support.

Everyone at #MEAction cares deeply about the individuals in our community. We fight for your health in advocacy and scientific spaces, but we also want you to know that you are loved, supported, and valued.

Joining a group is a great way to get more deeply involved in #MEAction and the movement for equality. We have groups for patient support, caregiver support, advocacy groups and social/affinity groups. Whether you are an artist, a parent, a senior, a young person, a clinician, researcher or an ally, there are so many ways to get involved online and in your local community.

Click here for more information:

If you are someone you know is dealing with suicidal thoughts, please see the resources below:

Most of our groups are on Facebook, and Facebook has created a robust, global list of suicide prevention resources:

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6 thoughts on “NEED HELP? Support and Crisis Resources”

  1. This is for the admin only. Thanks for putting together such a comprehensive list! This is critical information. Please know that trans folks often do not feel well served in LGB(+T) organizations. We have a long history of being marginalized in gay/queer worlds and some trans/non-binary folks are hesitant to reach out to LGBT orgs, even if they do a good job of supporting T folks too. Here’s a link to Trans Lifeline: They serve US/Canada. I’d love to see this resource included alongside the Trevor Project.

  2. Thank you ME Action for this impressive and necessary list of resources. I’d like to add one, if not to the document, then here in the comments. It’s the Trans Lifeline. Trans and gender diverse people with ME/CFS have specific concerns and struggles that mean a peer-led resource would be quite impactful and perhaps save a life.

    US: 877-565-8860
    Canada: 877-330-6366

  3. Thank you for this help list. I’d also like to extend it by adding these South African resources.

    Links to National Mental Health Resources


    LifeLine offers free counselling and 24-hour telephonic counselling for anyone requires support with a range of emotional and trauma related issues. They have services in JHB and CPT
    Counselling line: 0861 322 322
    WhatsApp line: 065 989 9238

    South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG)

    SADAG is South Africa’s most loved mental health advocacy group. They offer free telephonic counselling sessions between 08:00 to 20:00, a 24-hour crisis line, and facilitate support groups around the country.
    Suicide Crisis Line
    0800 567 567


    TherapyRoute connects people to nearby mental health services, e.g. psychologists, social workers, community clinics, NGO’s, and psychiatric hospitals throughout South Africa.

    Cape Town

    Cape Mental Health Society
    Cape Mental Health Society is a mental health advocacy group that provides or facilitates comprehensive, pro-active and enabling mental health services in the Western Cape.

    Hope House Counselling Centre

    Hope House is a Cape Town based Christian organisation that offers therapy for trauma, mental illness, relationship problems, family problems, and suicide thoughts. They have centers Bergvliet, Tableview, and Kuilsrivier.


    Grace Counselling

    Grace Counselling is Christian-based organisation that provides therapeutic assistance for mental health and spiritual related issues. They are based in the north of Durban but link other churches throughout Durban.


    iThemba rape and trauma support centre

    The iThemba rape and trauma support centre is dedicated to offering comprehensive care for the survivors of traumatic events, as well as their family and friends.

    TEARS sexual abuse counselling

    TEARS Foundation provides access to crisis intervention, advocacy, counselling, and prevention education services for those impacted by domestic violence, sexual assault and child sexual abuse.
    Helpline: *134*7355#
    Landline: 010 590 5920

    Port Elizabeth

    Revive Counselling Centre

    Revive offers free counselling for depression and anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and dealing with traumatic experiences. They are based in Port Elizabeth and offer a Wednesday walk in centre. Call to make an appointment for other days.

  4. Klinic ( runs the following lines, their counsellors have been provided with reputable information on the potential needs of callers living with ME/CFS.
    Manitoba Suicide Prevention
    & Support Line (24/7)

    Crisis Line (24/7)
    (204) 786-8686

    MB Farm, Rural & Northern
    Support Services

    Sexual Assault Crisis Line (24/7)
    (204) 786-8631

    Human Trafficking Hotline (24/7)

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