Day: May 9, 2016

Jason study compares housebound and non-housebound patients

A new study was published recently in the journal Chronic Illness, entitled Housebound versus nonhousebound patients with myalgic encephalomyelitis and chronic fatigue syndrome by Pendergrast et al.  The authors of the paper included the well-known ME/CFS researchers Julia L. Newton and Leonard Jason.  Newton is most often recognized for her studies in muscular function in

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Download the #MillionsMissing Twibbon

Announcing the #MillionsMissing Twibbon — now it’s easier than ever to add the #MillionsMissing filter to your photo on Facebook and Twitter!  All it takes is the click of a button. The page also provides: easy-to-use tweets and Facebook posts announcing your support for the #MillionsMissing protest a place to create an email about the

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