Day: August 9, 2015

Should we oppose the Senate proposal to cut CDC funding to zero?

Jennie Spotila is an ME/CFS patient and advocate who has done extensive research on government funding for CFS. She recently discovered that the latest Senate committee report for CDC appropriations appears to recommend completely defunding CFS research. She points out that the cut is not a done deal as the House and Senate need to

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Suffering the Silence Campaign for M.E.

Write “M.E.” on your left hand or forearm (if you do not want to use marker on your skin, you can improvise with a piece of paper as many have done). Cover your mouth with your hand and make sure to look into your camera lens. Upload to Twitter or Instagram with the hashtags: #sufferingthesilence #MEAction and #severeme. If you are on Facebook, you will need to post to The #MEAction Network page AND use the hashtags above.

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