Patient Resources

The resources below are for your information only. Any diagnosis or treatment undertaken should be done under the supervision of a licensed doctor. #MEAction is not liable for patients’ treatment decisions.


Here are three criteria to help you determine whether or not you have ME or ME/CFS. Many doctors are not educated about ME, and this may be information that is useful to share with them.  


International list of ME/CFS Specialists


A extensive list of “off-brand” treatments are discussed here that patients have tried.

Community Support

I know that I have ME or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but I am looking for advice. Where can I go for help? If you already have a diagnosis but are looking to find a new doctor, seek advice, or become more engaged with the patient community, here are a few resources:

  • Phoenix Rising – The largest ME/CFS discussion forum on the web, covering a wide range of topics from advocacy to treatment to patient support.
  • My Patient Match – A forum and tool to track symptoms and treatments, it matches you with patients who have similar symptoms to you.