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In 2016, you started a movement and made yourselves seen and heard. We have only just begun but we can proudly say, “You can’t ignore us now!”


Let us count your accomplishments:

  • #MillionsMissing was born. Last spring, a woman from North Carolina decided she had had enough of the neglect of people with ME: It was time to take to the streets. People with ME around the world heard her rallying cry. Eleven cities protested in May and 25 cities demonstrated in September, garning over 37 articles in newspapers around the world. #MillionsMissing organizers gave every ounce of energy that they had – and beyond. Their determination gave millions of people with ME around the world renewed hope. Read more here about the ongoing successes from #MM across the world.
  • You took the US congress by storm. U.S. activists held meetings with their representatives during the first #MillionsMissing, and went on to pursue further action. A team of volunteers worked the partisan halls of congress and, after a lot of blood, sweat and tears, succeeded in getting 55 House representatives to sign a bipartisan letter to the director of NIH asking for a report on its work on ME. The letter was a milestone victory for the ME community.
  • You said, “No more harm.” You fought fiercely against governments promoting the harmful medical practices of GET and CBT in the U.K and Australia. #MEAction had your back, issuing press releases against PACE and FITNET in the U.K. through your support of #MEAction’s PR Firm.
  • You told NIH where to focus its research. #MEAction gathered input from 1,800 ME stakeholders to tell NIH where it should focus its research in response to NIH’s request for input from the community.
  • We kept you informed. #MEAction continues its daily work to keep you informed about the progress and pushback being made in science and in policy on ME across the world.

With your support, we can:

Retain this PR firm long-term to help us issue press releases around our community’s advocacy records, highlight emerging research, combat harmful narratives and raise awareness about the disease.

Support the work of #MEAction in 2017. The reach we have been able to build and the impact we have generated in less than two years is thanks almost entirely to the hard work and sacrifice of volunteers, many of whom are patients who give everything and risk a lot to make all this possible. But to coordinate, organize, and sustain that work, we need to raise funds to support our all-patient staff and the amazing tools and resources that make all that possible.

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