UNREST: Best Practices for Hosting a Community Screening

This guide will provide you with ideas for hosting your own impactful screening of Unrest that will be well-attended, well-publicized and garner support from important institutions in your community for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME).  

Community screenings of Unrest have taken place all over the globe. While all successful events can look differently, below is an example of what we consider best practices for a large-scale community event.

As an example of a highly successful Unrest screening, we’ll look to the Boston event organized at the historic Regent Theatre on Nov. 12, 2017. The event was packed with 358 people attending. A panel discussion followed the film, moderated by a local National Public Radio (NPR) station senior correspondent and host. The organizers solicited the support of stakeholders in the community, resulting in 19 co-sponsors from government, healthcare, disability, arts, academic, religious and women’s organizations. For most of these organizations, this was the first time they worked on an ME advocacy effort, and the first time they publicly declared their support for people with ME.

For this event, the Boston advocates were also able to secure a statement from the entire 11 member Massachusetts Congressional Delegation vowing support for ME patients, which was made public for the first time, and read aloud, during the Unrest screening event.

Watch the opening introduction and panel discussion from the Boston Regent screening of Unrest here. See photos here.

The Massachusetts CFIDS/ME & FM Association organized the Boston Regent Unrest screening, with #MEAction member and MassCFIDS volunteer Rivka Solomon spearheading the effort with her co-organizer Leah Williams. (Follow Rivka on Twitter: @RivkaTweets)

After the film screening, audience members met in a café to discuss volunteering for ME advocacy projects.



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4 comments on “UNREST: Best Practices for Hosting a Community Screening
  1. Rivka says:

    Thank you, MEAction, for deciding to focus your “best practices” article on our Boston area UNREST event! — Rivka

  2. Apologies. The full guide is temporarily down, but should be accessible in a few hours. – Ben HsuBorger

    1. The link to the full guide is now working again. – Ben

  3. Rivka says:

    thanks, ben, for all your great work!

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